C4 Crypto Project


Free phone app available on your smartphone applicable at 100's of merchants at 1000's of locations

                 The list of merchants where this free phone app will be                accepted is growing daily

Free phone app is available on line as well as at merchants locations

Free phone app has no fees associated nor obligations to use

Free phone app is available now only in the United States

Availability in Canada will be later this year

Recommend to friends and family the free phone app by the push of a button

Discounts will result in immediate savings

Discounts at merchants will range up to 15%

Discounts will vary from merchant to merchant

                     Discounts provided by the free phone app are stackable on                                other discounts offered by merchants

                             Payments can be made by associating a credit card or                 debit card to the free phone app

Credit/debit cards will be secure to hacking due to the how the card information is stored and made available per purchase; i.e. tokenization



Financial Fitness Program


The principles of Financial Fitness are available for everyone. Just as with diets for physical health and fitness, where fanaticism and extremism are not only suspect but are unsustainable, so too with financial fitness. What works best is knowledge and application of basic principles. Learning and applying these principles, over time, can produce incredible results. The Financial Fitness Program teaches the Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of personal finance. With a basic understanding of these three areas, which are rarely taught together as a whole, anyone can learn to prosper, conserve, and multiply the fruits of his or her labor. 

The Financial Fitness Program is also registered with, which means CPAs can earn 22 self-study CPE credits from by completing the material in the Financial Fitness Program and passing an online exam. is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider registered with the NASBA as a QAS Sponsor of Continuing Professional Education, and the CPE credit hours satisfy or exceed the updated AICPA/NASBA guidelines on self-study CPE activated in 2014 for all 50 states and US territories. To access the CPE course learning objectives, review questions, and final exam, please visit

  • 9 Audios, 1 Book and 1 Workbook
  •  All available either in the physical or  electronic aspect 
  • Available in English, French and Spanish

PRICE: $120

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


Beyond Financial Fitness Program


Beyond Financial Fitness builds on the platform discussed in the original Financial Fitness book by teaching how to maximize the potential of your various streams of income by properly accumulating an ever-growing portfolio of cash-flow-producing assets. Learn what money is truly for, how your greatest investment will always be yourself, how to organize your money flow into a hierarchy of assets, and how to get the power of compounding to work in your favor. Understand the Risk Factors working against you and how the “money game” is rigged in ways that are not in your favor. Finally, learn how to protect your gains while growing your financial security for the long term. In these pages, you’ll take the journey beyond mere financial fitness into prosperity and security for the future.  

  • 4 Audios, 2 Videos, 1 Audio Book, 1 Book and 1 Workbook 
  • All available either in the physical or  electronic aspect
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish

PRICE: $120

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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Wealth Habits Pack


The Wealth Habits Pack is jam packed with both timeless and timely education in all three areas of personal finance – the offense, defense and playing field. Complete with 14 audios (the entire year of the Wealth Habits subscription), this power-packed bundle of audios will teach you everything you need to know to not only survive, but thrive in any economy.

  • 14 Audios (Physical or Electronic) 

PRICE: $120

 Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 

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